About Us

At Hot Tub Wiki we try to gather and write the best information for hot tubs and spas. We test different methods, tips, and tricks, and then write a blog post with our results. Our aim is to help as many people as possible by giving them the right answer to their questions.

Hot Tub Wiki: Our backstory

I asked around, and a lot of people don’t know how to maintain the hot tub, how to use chemicals, and how to fix errors. These things are simple to us, but not for most people. The number of people who are buying hot tubs is growing and that means more people don’t know how to properly use their hot tub.

When we realized this, we decided to create Hot Tub Wiki. We try to answer most of the questions people have in a simple way.

Our Experts

Calvin Hall

Hi, my name is Calvin Hall and I created Hot Tub Wiki. I owned several hot tubs and worked at a spa fixing & rental service. I have been dealing with spa my entire life.

I realized there’s little to no information about hot tubs online and that’s when I decided to create Hot Tub Wiki. I try to answer the main questions I got when I worked at the spa repair service.  You can find me on Facebook.