Does a Hot Tub Make You Tired? (How To Avoid That)

I have heard different people say things like, “I got so tired when I got out of the hot tub” or “hot tubs make me feel tired.” Do they really make you tired? This is what I found out.

Hot tubs do make you tired but not the way driving all day or spending an hour at the gym will. When you sit in the hot tub, you feel relaxed. Different activities go on in your body to give you that relaxed feeling. All these activities are enough to make you tired.

The relaxed feeling you eventually experience after you get out of the tub can also make you feel like you are tired which is understandable.  There is a thin line between feeling tired and feeling relaxed.

This is because when you feel tired, you want to rest and sleep. That is the same feeling you experience when you feel relaxed. You feel very calm and lazy that you find it so hard to even get out of the hot tub.

Does a hot tub make you tired? Yes, it does. But, that's not all. There are ways that you can avoid that from happening. You can also learn why does your hot tub makes you feel dizzy.

Why Do I Feel Tired After a Hot Tub Bath?

Let me paint a scenario here… After a hectic day, your muscles, joints, and back start to ache and feel tense. You feel pain when you take off your shoes and try to walk.

Then you go into the tub and enjoy a warm dip. A few minutes in and you feel so calm, relaxed, and you don’t feel the pain anymore.

You don’t feel like getting out of the tub and all you just want to do is to sleep off. Does that sound familiar? I’m sure it does.

Hot tubs have so many health benefits but how do they make our bodies feel so relaxed and why do we feel that way after getting out of the tub?

There are a few reasons for feeling tired after a hot tub.

Increased Blood Circulation

If you enter the hot tub when you get back from work, after a hectic day, or after strenuous activity, then this is one major reason you feel tired. As humans, we undergo a lot of stressful actions in our day. We cook, clean, drive, walk, carry things, and think a lot. This means we are constantly under a huge deal of stress.

When you are stressed, your blood vessels become smaller or tighter making it more difficult for blood to be circulated through the body. So, your body is working extra hard to keep blood flowing to different parts of the body and keep you going.

The more stressed you are, the tighter your blood vessels get, and the harder your body works to keep blood flowing. Now when you get in the hot tub and submerge your body in warm water, your blood vessels become bigger.

The hot water and steam cause your blood vessels to dilate (increase in size). This makes it possible for blood to be circulated throughout your body easily.

Your muscles and overall body don’t have to work as much to keep blood flowing. This increase in blood circulation also helps to repair and rebuild the muscles.

Think of it this way, it is like your whole body is taking a break and recovering from the stressful day you just had. That’s one reason you feel tired after a hot tub session.

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The Release of Endorphins

Another reason hot tubs make you feel tired is because of the calmness you feel which is caused by the release of endorphins in your body.

Endorphins are described as “feel good” or “pleasure” hormones. The released endorphins cause you to feel calm, worry-free, and relaxed.


When you submerge your body in the hot tub, a few factors cause you to feel relaxed. The buoyancy and the warm temperature of the water relax the muscles and joints.

The warm water causes your muscles to loosen up and the buoyancy of the water makes movement easy. The buoyancy of the water is what causes that tingly experience where you feel like your body is moving with the water even when you are completely sitting still.

Your hot tub also comes designed with a few jets. Some of these jets massage your neck area, lower back, joints, and other muscles.

So when you look at it, you have got a warm temperature, water buoyancy, and jets that massage your body. The whole experience will make you feel very relaxed or tired in this case.


Hot tubs affect our body temperature. As humans, our body temperature rises through the day as we go about our daily tasks. By evening, our body temperature begins to drop and we get colder. Our brain then interprets our cold body temperature as “sleepy time”.

This is why you feel like crawling into the bed whenever the weather is cold. Even when you have just woken up and why you find it difficult to get out of bed when it’s cold.

As the weather temperature falls, your body temperature falls too and it gives your brain the indication that it is time to sleep.

When you get in the hot tub, your body feels even warmer till you get out. On stepping out of the tub, the cold breeze of the night rushes on your body causing your body temperature to cool down almost immediately.

Your brain interprets that cold feeling as meaning “sleep time.” That coupled with the fact that your muscles are already relaxed, you feel no pain, and blood is circulating freely makes a good recipe for a good night’s rest.

Other reasons for feeling tired after a hot tub session include dehydration, hot tub baths while the weather is already hot, and taking a hot tub bath minutes after eating or drinking.

How to Not Feel Tired After a Hot Tub Bath?

You know hot tubs can make you feel relaxed and tired. What if you want to enjoy a dip in the hot tub without feeling tired? There are a few ways to go about that.

If you want to know how to not feel tired after using a hot tub then you are in the right place. We have made a simple 4 step guide that you can follow to not feel dizzy after using a hot tub.

Reduce the Time You Spend in the Hot Tub

When you spend too much time in the tub, you get too relaxed because of the calming effects of the tub on your body.

You will also get tired because of dehydration. Dehydration causes your body to work harder to cool you down. This means the longer you stay in the tub, the more relaxed and tired you will feel.

Use Aromatherapy

With hot tubs, there are oils you can put in the water to either increase the relaxation you feel or to reduce it.

The process is called “aromatherapy.” Simply buy or ask for oils that don’t make you feel sleepy or tired. An example is peppermint oil.

Don’t Take Hot Tub Baths in the Evening

If you are planning on staying awake at night to read or work, then you shouldn’t have a hot tub bath in the evening.

Evening hot tub baths will make you feel very relaxed and sleepy. If that isn’t your plan, ensure to avoid evening baths.

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 Take a Cold Shower After

While it isn’t the most pleasant experience, taking a cold short shower after a hot tub dip will keep you awake. Unlike hot water, cold water doesn’t leave you relaxed, it keeps you up and alive.

Why Do Hot Tubs Make You Dizzy?

It is not uncommon for people to experience dizziness after getting out of the hot tub. Many people that feel dizzy from hot tubs regularly have a history of high or low blood pressure and you shouldn’t be in a hot tub if you have either.

More often than not, the dizziness you feel is because of something you are not doing right. Here are a few reasons you might be feeling lightheaded while bathing or after leaving the tub:

  • You just ate: Food and water don’t go together unless they are inside your body. If you decide to go swimming, dip in the hot tub
  • You consumed alcohol: Alcohol and hot tubs don’t go together
  • You are dehydrated: Hot tubs make your body hotter which means you need to stay hydrated. Without water, you will feel faint and lightheaded. It’s like walking in the desert without water, so drink enough water before and after a hot tub session.
  • You are staying too long in the hot tub: Warm dips are nice but staying too long in them will have negative effects on you including dizziness.

Overall, don’t stay too long in the hot tub and take lots of water. you should be okay and if you don’t want to feel dizzy, use oils in your water.

If there is anything about hot tubs you are not sure about, you can ask by leaving a comment below and I’ll answer your question as soon as possible. Have a good day.

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