How To Fix Flo, DR, or Dry Hot Tub Error Codes

Let’s paint a scenario here. You are ready to use your hot tub. You remove the hot tub cover and then you notice that the water is not heated, the water isn’t flowing, and jets are misbehaving. Sound familiar? If it does then your hot tub is having problems with the water flow.

When this happens, the hot tub displays an FLO, DR, or DRY code on the display screen. This can be a result of several reasons such as blocked pipelines, not enough water in the tub, or clogged filters. The bad news is you can’t use your hot tub just yet.

The good news is there is a quick fix to clear these error codes and this post will explain how to that. So keep reading to figure out how to fix FLO, DR, or DRY codes. First, let’s check out what hot tub error codes are.

There are a lot of different hot tub error codes. But, the 3 most important ones are the Flo, DR, and DRY codes. So, how to fix flo, dr, or dry hot tub error codes? The first thing you need to do is to restart your hot tub. If the error is still there, then check our post to know the exact steps.

What Are Hot Tub Error Codes?

Hot tub error codes are indicators that tell the user that something is not right with the hot tub. The error codes are displayed when a part of the hot tub isn’t functioning as it should and when the setting of the hot tub is off. The error codes can indicate when there is low water flow, when the heater isn’t working, when the pump isn’t getting any water, and even when the water is too hot.

Though hot tub error codes will indicate when there is a problem, the codes wouldn’t tell you the cause of the problem or how to fix the problem and this can be a bit confusing. FLO, DR, OR DRY codes are some of the most common error codes you can notice on your hot tub screen. So what do these codes mean and how can you fix them? Let’s find out.

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What Does the Flo Error Code Mean?

The FLO error code is displayed on the hot tub control screen when there is a problem with the water flow, usually when there is a low flow of water in the tub. The water in the hot tub needs to flow through the hot tub heater. The heater then heats the water and that’s how you get the hot water in the tub.

When the water doesn’t flow through the heater or when the heater isn’t getting enough water, then you will notice a FLO code. This tells you to check your water flow. The FLO code is also displayed when there is an issue with the pressure switch.

So if the water is flowing but you can still see the FLO error code, then the pressure switch might need a replacement. The pressure switch of your hot tub is a safety mechanism that monitors the water flow in the hot tub. If the water flow is disrupted or the water flow is low, the pressure switch will switch off the heater automatically and the hot tub will display the FLO error code.

What Does the DR or Dry Code Mean?

Similar to the FLO error code is the DR or DRY code. The DR or DRY code is usually tagged together with the FLO error code because they are usually caused by the same problem. However, there is a slight difference. While the FLO error code indicates that there is a problem with the flow of water, the DR or DRY code indicates that there isn’t enough water going through the heater.

The DR or DRY code indicates a dry heater. This means there isn’t enough water in the hot tub to reach the heating mechanism or even worse, there is no water around the heater at all. The DR or DRY code is usually caused by a low level of water in the hot tub or a clogged hot tub plumbing line.

If the plumbing lines are clogged, then water wouldn’t reach the heater and you would usually have cold water in the tub rather than the bubbling hot water.

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What Happens if the Flo, DR or Dry Code Isn’t Fixed?

If you don’t fix the FLO, DRY, or DR code in time, the heating mechanism of the hot tub can get damaged. The DR or DRY error code and the FLO error code are early indicators that your heater is about to get damaged, especially if the error codes have been on the screen for a long time.

Since not enough water is reaching the heater, the heater is heating nothing and if the pressure switch is damaged, then the heater will keep heating nothing. This is because the pressure switch meant to automatically switch off the heater when it isn’t getting enough water is damaged.

So you have a combination of low flow of water and a damaged pressure switch. This can easily cause the whole heating mechanism to burn out. But you can stop this from happening. How? By fixing the FLO, DRY, or DR code. Let’s check out how to do that.

How to Fix Flo Error Code

The flo error code in a hot tub means that there's a problem with the water flow. So, how to fix flo error code? You need to check your filter, your pump, and pressure switch sensors.

The first thing to do when you notice any hot tub error code is to restart the hot tub. Sometimes, the error code displayed on the hot tub screen would mean nothing. Your hot tub might just be playing pranks on you.

So restart the hot tub and check if the same error code is still being displayed on the hot tub’s control screen. If the error code is still there, then it’s time to troubleshoot the error code. FLO error codes can occur for different reasons ranging from low water level in the hot tub to damaged pressure switch sensor.

So fixing it will require you to check different parts of your hot tub to be sure they are functioning properly. Let’s start with the water level.

Check Your Hot Tub’s Water Level

If the water flow is, then it may be because the water level is low. Hot tubs need to be filled to a certain level before using them. If the water isn’t filled correctly, then you might have a problem with the water flow. So first, check the water level when no one is inside the hot tub.

Most hot tubs have a water line on the inner shell of the hot tub. This line indicates where the water in the tub should reach when filling the tub. If your hot tub doesn’t have this line, check if the water in the tub reaches the bottom of the headrests or the pillow. If the water doesn’t reach the water line or it doesn’t reach the bottom of the headrests, then you have a low water level.

To fix this, start by turning off the hot tub or the GFCI breaker. You should then fill the hot tub to the required level to be sure you have enough water in the tub. After filling the water level, turn on the hot tub again and ensure the jets are running. This might fix the FLO error code. If it doesn’t, try the next step.

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Check the Filters

The next thing to do if you are sure you have enough water in the hot tub is to check and clean the filters. The filters of your hot tub pick up dirt and debris that get into the hot tub. The water in the hot tub also flows through the filters before getting to the heater. So if the filters are clogged, then water can’t get through to the heater.

To check the filter, turn off the hot tub. Then locate the filter and unscrew it in an anti-clockwise direction. Lift the filter and check if it is dirty or clogged. If it is, try cleaning it. Then return it into the hot tub and turn on the hot tub. This might fix the FLO code.

Check the Circulation Pump

The circulation pump of your hot tub is responsible for circulating water around the hot tub. If you see an FLO error code, then the circulation pump might be damaged, clogged, or isn’t getting any power. Try locating where the circulation pump is in your hot tub. Then try to listen to the sound the pump gives. If you can hear whining noise coming from the circulation pump, then it might be clogged. If this happens, turn off the hot tub.

When the tub is off, check the circulation pump for debris that may have clogged the pump and remove them. Ensure that the pump isn’t clogged and you have removed all dirt before returning it. Also, check that the circulation pump is getting enough power. This might require you to call a hot tub electrician. If the pump is getting enough power and it isn’t damaged or clogged by filth, then the FLO error code might be caused by damaged sensors.

Check the Pressure Switch Sensors

The pressure switch sensors do not usually get damaged, but that doesn’t mean they can’t develop an issue once in a while. If the sensors are damaged, then you will see the FLO error code displayed on the hot tub screen even when there is nothing wrong with the flow of water in the hot tub.

If the water is flowing well and is being heated as it should but you can still notice the FLO code, then the fault is from the pressure switch sensors. If you have any experience with hot tub electrical work, you might be able to fix the problem by yourself. If you do not, just call a hot tub electrician to fix the sensors. It might also be that the sensors need to be replaced. Now, let’s check out how to fix DR or DRY error codes.

How to Fix DR or Dry Error Codes

DR or DRY error codes are usually displayed when the hot tub has a low level of water. So the first troubleshooting step is to check if you have enough water in the hot tub.

The DR or Dry hot tub error code means that there's no water in the filters/pump. Hence the name "DRY". So, how to fix dr or dry error codes? You need to check if the jets are open.

Check the Water Level

Check if you have enough water in the hot tub. If you don’t, add more water to the hot tub and see if that fixes the error code. Ensure to use a hose filter while adding water to the hot tub. If the water level is fine, check the jets.

Check if You Have Enough Open Jets

Water in the hot tub also flows through the jets. If the jets are closed or clogged, then water wouldn’t be dispensed from them. Start by checking if you have enough open jets. If some of the jets are closed, open them and turn on the hot tub to see if that would fix the DR or DRY error code. Ensure to turn off the hot tub or the GFCI breaker before checking the jets.

If the jets aren’t closed, check if they are blocked by debris. If the opened jets are blocked by debris, it’s the same as closing the jets because water wouldn’t flow through the opened jets. Clear the jets and ensure they are opened. Then turn on the hot tub to check if the DR or DRY error code has been erased. If the code is still on the screen, check the filters.

Check the Valves and the Filters

The next step is to check the valves and the filters. The valves of your hot tub should be closed. If the valves are closed, check the filters to be sure they aren’t clogged by dirt. A good rinse will work wonders on your hot tub filters if they are clogged by dirt. When you are sure the filters are clean, turn on the hot tub again and see if the error code is cleared.

Last Resort

If you have tried all of the steps above to fix both the FLO error code and the DR or DRY error code and you can still see the error code on the screen, then you should call for backup. Call a professional hot tub electrician or put a call through to your local pool store for help.

So there you have it. Ensure to leave a comment below if you liked this post. You can also check out other posts on this website for more hot tub tips. Have a nice day.

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